Natures Healing Home was created from the imagination of founder and architect, Prescilla Segundo Garrett. Prescilla, a member of the Panganiban Clan, grew up in the surrounding area and understands from experience how poverty and lack of opportunity for individuals and families can have devastating and long range effect.


Prescilla has worked in the healthcare industry in the major Washington DC area for last 20 years. In the past she has focused mostly on helping people who want to enhance their physical appearance through reconstructive therapy. In 2005, following her work in the US as a nurse, Prescilla bought five hectares of overgrown land and her new project began. Volunteering to create a positive way of change for people in need, the land eventually became a refuge for children and families in the greater San Fernando City, La Union locale of the Philippines.



In 2007, the property name was known as “Mountain Top”. It had a functioning restaurant and karaoke business operating on the premises. These businesses operated until July 2008 at which point Prescilla decided to close the business and moved back to the USA for personal reasons.


In 2013, Prescilla had a life threatening car accident that changed her life forever. For the last six years, she has devoted her time and energy to learning about her True Self and the True Purpose of her life. The idea for Natures Healing Home was finally born.



Her vision was to share the beauty and majesty of the land with children and families in need. Vegetation was planted including mahogany and fruit trees along with various flowers to complement the landscape.



Natures Healing Home is a place of healing and rejuvenation for all.