To clear the mind, soothe the soul, strengthen the body, and to nourish Mother Earth is our purpose at Nature’s Healing Home. Yoga, body healing through the Inner Dance technique and intuitive skilled energy work are our healing tools. We have put tremendous love and energy into the land using organic methods since 2004. In return, the land is sharing the bounty back. We offer joyful tropical fruits and an abundance of vegetables, which are served from farm to table. Come connect with nature, become rooted to the Earth, admire the beauty which surrounds, and delight in the breeze of the ocean and mountain air.

Natures Healing Home was created from the imagination of founder and architect, Prescilla. In 2013, Prescilla had a life threatening car accident that changed her life forever. For the last six years, she has devoted her time and energy to learning about her True Self and the True Purpose of her life. The idea for Natures Healing Home was finally born.

Her vision is to share the beauty and majesty of the land with children and families in need. Vegetation was planted including mahogany and fruit trees along with various flowers to complement the landscape.

Natures Healing Home is a place of healing and rejuvenation for all.