Our first blog post – 10 things you can do immediately to improve your life

Ok, here it is. Our very first blog post. As we are a healing center and as most everyone enjoys lists of various kinds, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss a list of ’10 Important Things You Can Do Right Away To Start Living A Better Life’. So without further ado, here they are:


  1. Practice gratitude – It is amazing how far a small appreciation and recognition will go. When you express gratitude or thanks in verbal or written form, you open up a space between you and the rest of creation. It is quite simply, your formal or informal recognition of what is good now. It can be as simple as saying a well meaning ‘thank you’ or elaborate as a well thought out intention or gift. In any event, we feel it is vital and critical for healthy and prosperous growth.

  2. Be present. We always seem to be thinking in the past where the action has already taken place or well into the future where nothing yet exists. The present moment is all we really have at our disposal so it is therefore, the only place to be. Take time to pay attention to what is happening around you right now and in the moment. You will find yourself seeing life from entirely new perspectives. The ‘now’ is its own self evident reward.

  3. Tell the people you care about the most that they matter to you. This is something we can easily take for granted if we are not careful. It is important to actually tell the people you love that you love them. We aren’t so evolved yet as to read minds and while actions do speak louder than words, it is the words which when combined with action that can create entirely new levels of relationship. It creates a rich complement to a friendship, love or family connection. Take the time to speak words of love to those closest and nearest to you.

  4. Meditate. We all have busy lives and sometimes feel there is little time for much else but this practice can be as simple as taking a breath of air. Simply close your eyes for 5 minutes and just watch your breath. Allow thoughts to come and go without attaching to anything in particular. You could also use a word or symbol as a focus point to relax your constant thoughts and develop a calmer mind. In doing so you will find the stress begin to melt away.

  5. Say YES more often. We find that when we say ‘yes’ to more of what life tends to bring us, we are more fully engaged and alive. This is not to throw common sense out the window and do things which are not beneficial but rather to see the many things which are happening in our lives and give ascent by active engagement and a willingness to commit. Saying ‘yes’ more often will put you in the drivers seat of life and open you up more of what you really want.

  6. Smile. A smile takes much less energy than a frown. When you smile the whole world smiles back. Give others an opportunity to think “What are they smiling about?” A smile can also be a great gift to another as we never know what circumstances they may be in or what trials await them. It has been said that a smile can actually save someones life. Can you feel the energy and power of your own smile? It can make every difference, changing a negative environment into one of surrounding joy.

  7. Work out. Active, vigorous, tri-weekly exercise can generate such an instant feeling of well being that it should never be overlooked. Even if you feel out of shape or never enjoyed exercise of any kind, it is never too late to start. Begin with some brisk walking for 20 minutes with a friend, or go biking, swimming, play an intramural sport, join a yoga class (we have one!) the list is actually endless. You will not regret it.

  8. Help another person in need. Taking the time to lend a hand (or an ear for that matter) will always help create a major paradigm shift. It can be something formal and regularly occurring like working at your local soup kitchen once a week or in your regular routine, like providing a sandwich to someone who is homeless while on your way to work or taking out the garbage for your elderly neighbor. There is no end to the possibilities of lending a hand to our fellow humans and it is so easy!

  9. Drink and eat well. This is critical. Did you know that food and drink are actually composed of chemicals (vitamins and minerals) which directly effect your body and mind? Would you put anything but good quality gasoline in your car? Why do we continue to do less in our own bodies? Make the best choices when it comes to what you eat and drink. A good ratio is 25% healthy carbs, 25% healthy fats, 25% protein and 25% grains and legumes. If you are trying to lose weight consider upping the percentage of protein and lowering the carbs. Of course, the desserts should be sharply curtailed or once a week at best.

  10. Pray, reflect and take inventory every day. It is an excellent practice to pray or give thanks upon rising in the morning. Again, if you have a particular method in this regard so much the better but it can be simply of matter of saying or thinking: ‘thanks’ and taking a nice long breath. At the end of the day you could take a few minutes to reflect on how your day progressed according to the virtues. Did you do your best? Can you take claim to going the extra mile? What came up which invited challenge? Where did you fall short? Try not to judge yourself in this process. It should be done with kind consideration and loving contemplation. After all, you are a child of the divine.

We hope this list helps. Let us know what you think!


Prescilla has worked in the healthcare industry in the major Washington, DC area for last 20 years. In the past she has focused mostly on helping people who want to enhance their physical appearance. In 2013 she had a life threatening car accident that changed her life forever. For the last two years, she has devoted her time and energy learning about her True-Self and the true purpose of her life. One day, in a moment of great clarity, her true healing power was revealed to her. At first it scared her and then she realized this is who she really was at her primal core. Now she is devoting her life to help and assist children and healing others in need. Prescilla is a certified life coach, energy healer, master reflexologist, Dahn yoga master and Healthcare practitioner.

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