Nature’s Healing Home is a non-profit organization that offers free empowerment and wellness camps for children and free yoga and wellness workshops for adults.

We have few accommodations for rent as well as wellness retreat packages that we offer to public to help fund the maintenance of our organization.

Nature’s Healing Home is 5 hectares of land situated on top of the mountain with spectacular view of the city and ocean of San Fernando, La Union. We have an organic farm and soon a farm to table restaurant.  We have plenty of space to wonder around, perfect for mountain biking, walking and soul searching.

Nature’s Healing Home’s mission is to share the beauty and the majestic nature of the land, to empower children and adults through yoga, meditation, healthy eating, self-care, mindfulness, self-love and self- healing.

About the founder Prescilla Segundo Garrett. She is an energy healer, yoga teacher, life coach and a healthcare provider. In 2013, she had a life threatening car accident that changed her life forever. She has devoted her time and energy learning deeper about her True self and the True purpose and mission of her life. In 2016 Prescilla decided to come back home so the idea of Nature’s Healing Home was finally born.

Her goal is to make Nature’s Healing Home self-sufficient, relying from the fruits of the land. To share the importance of loving mother earth, to live simply and connect with the healing power of nature.

In 2005 she purchased the land. It was a total jungle.  She basically invested all her hard earned money from the United Sates in this land. She put tremendous hard work, love and energy to developed the land.  She planted mahogany trees, fruit trees, flowers and focus on permaculture garden.